September 14, 1985. Turkmen SSR. Wild Karakum Desert, no people nearby and angry animals that can eat your flesh in seconds are everywhere. You're trying to survive chasing tiny sources of food and water. The hot sun is beating your head with its powerful rays. You think that this is the end of your entire life but then realize that you're just a fucking character of a shitty survival sandbox game made in late 2010s, so you turn on the god mode and start to destroy every motherfucking cactus in that goddamn desert. After some time, you realize that it's not enough and you start to build motherfucking swastikas, Ancient Greek temples with giant dicks on top of them, Rick Astley sculptures, houses from GTA: Kupyansk and holographic porn projectors. Then you wake up and realize that it's time for you to play this game

How to run

Just look at the top of this page or click here (or maybe here if you want to try latest bugs features)


(are displayed the first time you run the game)

  • Escape - exit from a dialog/from a GUI type/pause the game
  • F2 - toggle the God mode/remove item (in the inventory)
  • E - press a button/select something/beat an object/move an item
  • R - go to the inventory/change GUI type /its mode
  • WASD - move (everywhere including the menu, all GUI types, etc)
  • T - write to the chat
  • Q - run

or just use your mouse/touchscreen

I want to survive

Good luck ; )

Development log